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1st Cheating Of course every kind of cheating is forbidden! If you see a player cheating on their main account, please record a demo. If this definitely proves the player cheating, he/she will get permanently banned.

2nd Smurfing/ private Profile If you are smurfing or playing on a private profile account and you are not [VIP], you are not safe from getting banned without a reason! Just for being a suspect for cheating, you might get banned by an admin! We are not spending our time to collect evidence form those accounts. If you are banned for your private account, you may request an unban after you have opened your profile or if you have ordered [VIP]. As [VIP]s are paying for the servers, they are allowed to play on those accounts! However, they are not exempt from receiving a ban, provided we have full evidence for cheating.

3rd Respect [VIP]s, admins and all other people on the server Every kind of insult or harassment is strictly forbidden and is punishable by a timeban. Especially insulting [VIP]s is punishable severly as these players are paying for the servers! In severe cases this may be followed up with a permban, directed by our headadmin. If you wish to report a player breaking this rule, please provide a screenshot/demo or at least with complete information including the server ip and the exact time.

4th Rascism and Discrimination Every kind of racism and discrimination is strictly forbidden. In addition, don’t discuss any political matters as we are here for gaming.

5th Right to Voteban and Mute [VIP]s have some rights to moderate the servers! This keeps the servers mostly free from cheaters and toxic people. Accept what [VIP]s are telling you. Do not provoke [VIP]s. If you are a [VIP], don’t abuse your rights! In case of hard abuse, you might be issued with a timeban. If you see a [VIP] abusing his/her rights, please collect some evidence like a demo or screenshots and report this to us.

Aufklappelement Titel

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Game Mode: Deathmatch FFA
Rundenzeit: 60 Minuten (gemischt ak/colt Only HS, Only ak/colt, Only Pistol / Pistol Only HS)
Maps: de_dust2, de_inferno, de_mirage, de_cache


  • Der Server ist voll? Kein Problem! Mit deinem VIP Pass, hast du eine Slot Reservation und kannst jederzeit den Server joinen und Punkte sammeln.
  • 24 / 7 erreichbar
  • [VIP] Clantag
  • VIP Rechte auf dem EPIC-DUDES Teamspeak Server
  • 5% Rabatt auf den EPIC-DUDES Merch

Wichtige Infos:

Nachdem du dir bei uns einen VIP Pass für den Deathmatch Server gegönnt hast, benötigen wir umgehend deine STEAM ID (am Besten du fügst sie in das Kommentarfeld bei der Bestellung ein) um dich im System freizuschalten.
Du siehst deine ID indem du ingame STATUS in die Console eingibst.
Andernfalls kannst du uns diese auch gerne per Mail senden.

Damit deine Slot Reservierung funktioniert, musst du via Console connecten. “connect”

Bei allen Fragen, bitte an:


01.05. – 31.05.2019



01.06. – 30.06.2019


01.07. – 31.07.2019

01.08. – 31.08.2019